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Kitchen Island Design with Dishwasher

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When designing a new kitchen, or even purchasing a home, the kitchen center island is… more »

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When designing a new kitchen, or even purchasing a home, the kitchen center island is a desirable feature. Today’s islands resemble a fine piece of furniture, which they are actually accessible from all sides. Because people are entertaining and just spending more time in the kitchen, Kitchen Island designs, especially with dishwasher, have become popular. The center island is also an ideal place for a dishwasher to keep up with that traditional well-designed kitchen triangle. These instructions for installation of a dishwasher mean that the kitchen sink is also in the center island.

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Kitchen Island with Sink Dishwasher

So, to install a dishwasher in a kitchen island, you must be following the instructions below:

Things you will need: Center island with an open cabinet and electrical outlet, Fittings to attach tubing to plumbing, Flexible copper tubing – 3/8 inch in diameter, Dishwasher drain hose and sink connector kit, 2 inch hole saw, 2 hose clamps, SAE open end wrenches, Hacksaw, Pipe wrench, Steel wool and also Teflon tape.

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Kitchen Island Sink Dishwasher Design

  1. The sink drain tailpiece should be removed, which is the first step to make kitchen island designs with dishwasher. The tailpiece is the part that runs from where the two sinks drains combine in a double sink to the trap, and a hook-shaped pipe that holds water inside is the trap, which to make a barrier against sewer gasses. A tail-piece that has a dishwasher drain fitting is included by the dishwasher sink kit. To fit in where the removed tailpiece was, this tailpiece must be cut to the correct length. Once the tailpiece has installed, tighten in place using the two slip nuts and compression washers to secure it to the piping. However, as most disposals have a dishwasher hose connection in them, skip this spec if the sink has a disposal.
  2. The copper tubing, that supplies the sink faucet hot water, should be located. Turn off the water supply to this pipe. You may have to shut off the main hot water supply, in another case; there is usually a valve under the sink. Take a hacksaw to cut through the copper tubing. The edges should be cleaned up with steel wool, which make them smooth. The nuts and washers could be installed now on the tubing. On the copper tubing, the correct sized compression must be installed and then push the tubing in until it bottoms inside of the fitting. The washers need to be moved into the tee then tighten the nuts snugly.
  3. For the dishwasher supply, the nut and washer from the tee should be placed on the copper tubing. The tubing should then be inserted into the tee and tighten the nut.
  4. The dishwasher could be placed on its back on the floor. By using Teflon tape on the threads, the correct sized iron pipe to compression elbow in the water inlet must be installed. Before you set them aside, the compression nut and washer must be removed from the fitting. Install the drain hose on the dishwasher drain and tighten the clamp. Guiding the tube and hose into the correct place, set the dishwasher upright and slide it into the opening.
  5. By using the washer and nut provided, the copper tubing must be attached to the fitting then tighten the nut. Through the cabinet, route the hose to the drain fitting on the sink tailpiece or disposer. Check for leaks by simply turning the water back on.
  6. The dishwasher power cord could have been connected to the outlet. In order to secure the dishwasher, it is best you drive wood screws through the under cabinet mounts into the bottom of the countertop.

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