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NuTone Bathroom Fan Parts

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It is advisable to periodically clean a NuTone bathroom fan. Signs of decreased efficiency,such as … more »

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It is advisable to periodically clean a NuTone bathroom fan. Signs of decreased efficiency,such as  audible noise from an operating NuTone fan indicates that the fan requires cleaning. The lifespan of the fan will be increased if regular maintenance is carried out.

By maintaining the fan parts regularly,  it will help accomplish the function it was designed for, of removing excessive moisture from the room and also reduce the use of electricity, thus making it cheaper to run.

NuTone Scovill Bathroom Fan Parts

NuTone Scovill Bathroom Fan Parts

To  effectively clean Nutone bathroom fan parts,   follow the instructions below:

You will need: ¼ inch socket head wrench, Soft cloth, Vacuum with a  dust attachment, Newspaper, All-purpose cleaner and Cotton swabs.

Replacement Bath Fan Parts

Replacement Bath Fan Parts

  1. Ensure that the NuTone fan switch is turned off before cleaning begins.
  2. The fan cover should be  pulled down  about 4 inches to find a slider spring clip on each side of the fan cover. Pinch the spring clip together then remove it by pulling it down away from the fan cover. Remember that there is one on each side of the fan.
  3. Do not remove the three screws that are visible from the front of the fan, although you will  need to loosen them. Each screw will only need four or five turns with a ¼ inch socket head wrench.
  4. The fan housing must be pulled away from the wall for about ½ inch. Allow the fan assembly to drop down, remove it from the housing, but as there is a cord attached, it should not be lowered more than  eight inches. The 100-volt fan cord,  must be unplugged from  the socket and the fan assembly  placed on some newspaper.
  5. The wall or ceiling housing is ready to be cleaned with a vacuum dust attachment or a soft cloth and some all-purpose spray cleaner.
  6. In order to release the fan and motor from the housing, the three screws are removed  from the fan housing with the ¼ inch socket. Care must be taken when removing the housing that the fan is not knocked.
  7. Take a cloth and all-purpose spray cleaner to clean the fan housing and all other parts. Ensure that the vent flap is able to move freely from lint or dust.
  8. The fan blade should be scrubbed with cotton swabs dipped in all-purpose cleaner. Care must be taken not to bend or damage the blades.
  9. Once the cleaning process is finished, place the fan back to it’s original state, and connected back into the electrical outlet.  It should now be  running more quietly and disperse moisture from the air in a more  efficient manner.

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